What People Are Saying…

“Mark’s knowledge of product creation and Internet marketing is second to none. He doesn’t just deliver the knowledge and techniques needed to a successful entrepreneur, but shows you exactly how to implement what he teaches. He truly cares about the long term success of his students and customers and that quality is becoming more and more difficult to find. Stick with Mark and you can’t go wrong.”


Adam W. Warner
Co-founder of FooPlugins

“I am happy to tell any marketer what me secret weapon has been the last 5 years;…a young genius. my friend Mark Hess. I can say without question he has been responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in my bank account- every year.”


Bruce NewMedia


“Out of the countless IM “guru’s” out there, I follow just two. Mark is one of them. At one time or another over the years, I’ve followed most of them but have gradually weeded them down to the precious few (make that a couple). My business is better for it. Thanks, Mark!”


Michael Carey

“I have known Mark for quite awhile and met him as a purchaser of 1 of his products. He actually took the time to answer all my stupid questions, and we became friends. He is a no bs guy who will always give you the real story (unlike so many marketers just out to make a buck off of you).”


Marty Hertz


“I’ve known and interacted with Mark for several years and he’s now one of the very few internet marketers whose list I have not unsubscribed from. That’s because he has proven to be straight up honest about the pros and cons of his and other products and has always been accessible to clarify and personally respond to the smallest question. In today’s internet business world both of these have become rare.

If you’re not sure about something that he’s offering, ask him. He’ll let you know if it suits your current business focus even if that means he loses the sale. And if you need to get a recommendation for a product or service he does not offer, he’ll also let you know who’s best to be in touch with. I trust him and you will learn to also when you experience his sincere desire to assist you long term.

Thanks, Mark, for all your assistance over the years and I wish you continued success.”


Angela Chen Shui

“You are quite literally leaving money on the table if you don’t get this information and use it. Step-by-step, how to do this. How to get it optimized. This is as valuable as they come. I recommend this most highly.”


Palo Coyote

“Mark, you are responsible for helping me to earn my very first dollar on the Internet. It was a $27 commission to be exact. What a thrill that was”


Nicole Turgeon

“It’s people like you that are going to put copywriters out of business! You’ve overdelivered so much in the past AND on this product that nobody feels the need to read a “sales pitch”. LOL. Seriously, though I just went through the main 48 page PDF and am once again completely impressed by your ability to break down your materials in very organized step-by-step procedures.”


Paul Schlegel

“Easy to understand and really I have to say quite interesting and fantastic. I discovered a few new things I never even thought about something you said near the end of the report. Of course it’s a way to find those words that are going to sell and are in high demand.”

Richard Butler

“I’ve seen several reports about longtail keywords. But this report is very DIFFERENT… Mark shows you step by step (page 13-17 of the report) how to find longtail keywords that are GETTING TRAFFIC… GUARANTEED! Until now, there have been many tools/ways to find longtail keywords, but no sure way to know whether or not those keywords are actually getting any traffic (other than a person or two every few months).”


Holly Cotter

“All of your reports/videos are presented in your usual no BS, paint by the numbers format and over delivery is the norm. More importantly, they include ‘real world’ techniques that actually work. I.e. The content is solid.”


Mike Newton

“The writing is effortless and easy to understand. Where necessary there are screenshots and videos. Mark has this talent, this rare talent to simplify the complex.”


Adam Sussman

“I also learned a lot of really great marketing techniques that I have not heard anyone else talk about. I would have paid ten times the amount your asking for two of the techniques alone.”


Matt Bard

“Mark is one of the few people where I say “Just buy everything he creates.” Mark works hard to find tactics that give him the edge, and then he gives that edge to all of us. The ROI on his products is guaranteed. Pull the trigger!”


Paul Coleman